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We are the leader in providing all types of top-of-the-line general generators in Tryon. We have skilled electricians and technicians who ensure that you will never go out of power during emergencies and when there is a grid failure.

When it comes to ensuring yourself peace of mind, you can safely rely on our generator experts. With a in-house showroom in Tryon, NC, we provide reliable generator solutions to all the regions in the area. We are known for our high-quality generator installation repair and maintenance services. Our technicians provide the best solution for your backup generator and the easiest way to fulfill your power needs for all the equipment in your residential or commercial place. You’ll benefit the most by choosing us for any type of generator service. We offer generators at exclusively low prices that you may not find in other showrooms.

You will love the way we smoothly carry out the whole process of setting up a generator. Our work doesn’t stop once we provide you with a generator. We also do the work of generator maintenance, monitoring, and repair for all models. Whether you want a home standby generator, a small portable generator, or a large commercial generator, you are at the right place. We are authorized and certified dealers of Generac generators in Tyron. You get the highest quality of support and warranty coverage from our service. For this, our experience and friendly service we have gained a brilliant reputation in the area.

We are a one-stop solution for

  • Setting up and Upgrading Generators
  • Residential & Commercial Generator Maintenance
  • Portable Generator Service
  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Generator Monitoring

By providing Generac generator services, we offer you more protection, comfort, and confidence in carrying out your activities without power interruptions.

Why Choose Us for a New Generator or Generator Services in Tryon

We are the #1 generator dealer in Tryon when it comes to providing safe, fast, and effective generators. Call and expect a fast and high-quality generator installation today.

Compared to other generator companies available in Tryon, Becker Electric undoubtedly stands out. This is due to our unparalleled experience and steady response levels to customers in the community of Tryon, NC. Experts at Becker electric are committed to bringing your power back within seconds. We are reliable generator professionals who are always available when a disaster strikes. Our technicians understand that your investment in a backup generator is an important one, and so we provide you with accurate and high-quality information.

If you have concerns about power outages frequently stopping your operations at home or commercial buildings, get in touch with us. We can serve you at any time and solve your problems.

We are chosen time and again because we offer

  • Complete Installation
  • Zero Risk Warranty
  • Access to Authorized and Certified Technicians
  • Remote Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Generator Design & Consultation

Get Any Type of Generac Generator

At Becker electric, we have a whole inventory of Generac generators at our showroom. These come in different kilowatt ratings and are built to suit different power needs.

As these run natural gas or propane, these are eco-friendly and offer the best performance per fuel consumption. We have portable generators that fit for all purposes and those that are specially designed for commercial large-scale power needs.

Home Backup Generators

Home Backup generators we offer range from 7.5Kw to 80Kws. These come in Guardian, Ecogen, Powerpack, and Protector series models. Once you install a home backup generator from us, it stays in place to deliver electrical power directly into your home electrical system and provide you backup power at any time. Also, these Generac Generators come with 24/7/365 support. The price of a portable home generator starts from $2000. To know more about home backup generators, contact us. We will provide you with all the details and answer to any of your queries.

Commercial Backup and Industrial Generators

Becker Electric offers Generac generators for commercial and industrial purposes. These generators are grouped under Generac’s Protective model series and have a large Kw rating. Installing these requires specialized expertise, and we have trained generators who can handle this for you. To meet the large power needs for industrial operations, we can source in gaseous generators, bi-fuel generators, and diesel generators. To enquire more about the price of commercial generators contact us.

Certified Generator Service

An electrical emergency with the generator not working is not easy to deal with. You might be tempted to fix the issue by yourself, but the best option is to call for professional help. This will fetch you a real solution when there is a complex problem with your generator. Our expert technicians are licensed to handle all types of generator problems. By choosing us, you get the perfect fixes at a reasonable price.