Generators Hendersonville

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Are your normal routines being disrupted by power outages? Consider buying a dependable power backup system. Rely on Becker Electric, a licensed generator company, to get the most suitable backup solution for your commercial or residential needs. Our full sustainable generator backup solution keeps the Hendersonville community safe & peaceful at times of power blackouts.

Why Choose Us?

Becker Electric provides approved Generac equipment and spare parts to the Hendersonville neighborhood. Our highly trained technicians can select the ideal backup generator for your home or office power requirements. We supply Generac generators, well-known for their dependability and high-quality performance, at the most competitive costs.

Becker Electric backs every transaction with exceptional service and support. We’ve got you covered for installation, maintenance, repairs, and any future service requirements. We also sell replacement components and offer rental services at a reasonable price.

We ensure our products and services reach you 24/7 and add value to your investment. Becker Electric sells generators and handles everything from site assessment to electrical installation, piping, trenching, and all servicing required to use a generator.

Standby Generators

Standby generators are an excellent backup power source for all household and business power systems. These are specially built to detect power outages and restore power within seconds. When the main power is restored, the backup system automatically shuts down.

Standby generators are available in a variety of sizes and wattages. Becker Electric evaluates your power requirements and recommends the best backup system and service plan for you.

Free Advanced mobile link- The remote monitoring feature allows the user to monitor generator condition, current ratings, and charge status. You can now receive service alerts and monitor the generator’s operation from your mobile device or tablet at any time and from any location.

Our backup generators operate on natural gas or propane. We connect your generator to your home’s gas pipeline, so you won’t need to rely on an external gas fuel supply to keep it running. Standby generators are easy to use and cover for all power outages.

Portable Generators

Get portable Generators to power your home, office, or outdoor utilities. These generators keep refrigerators, water pumps, heating systems, air conditioners, etc., running as and when required.

Our portable Generac products are a suitable source of backup for faraway camping, recreation, and emergencies. These come with a simple cord and can be relocated anywhere easily.

Becker electric sells the best performing portable Generators from the smallest wattage to 17500 watts in Hendersonville. Portable Generators are an excellent affordable option that lets you always power up your utilities.

Hendersonville Generator Maintenance Plan

Becker electric is committed to protecting your generator with you for years to come. We offer the best professional maintenance service for all our Generac generators.

Our maintenance technicians come to your place to inspect your generator condition twice a year and provide you fine tune-up services.

Stages of maintenance


Our trained technicians inspect your generator condition, clear out used oil and replace air filters, spark plugs, oil filters, and synthetic oil.

Get Access to Maintenance Software Recorded Reports

Using our maintenance software, we track each sold-out generator individually. The software allows technicians to assess battery condition, output voltages, spark plug wires, transfer switches, engine operation, lubrication, and exhaust performance.

Furthermore, Becker Electric provides generator owners with access to information on previous inspection visits, generator functioning status reports, and service notifications.

Onsite Assessment

We come to your home or business for Generator visual inspections, repairs, and oil changes. During this method, we run the generator for 15 minutes to test the moving parts, output voltage, and other operating characteristics.

If your generator is not running properly, please call us to schedule servicing. Our technicians are available to assist you 24/7.

Why use Generac generators

  • The leading Generac brand generators are built to operate in a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions.
  • These generators function automatically through transfer switches to restore power during an outage.
  • You can use Generac generators as a backup for your whole building or any part of it depending on the power needs and wattage.
  • Generac generators are fueled directly by the main gas pipeline and provides more efficiency than petrol and diesel generators.

Get to know more about Generac generators by our experts. Contact us for any generator service or to get your queries answered.