Generators Saluda

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We are an authorized dealer of Generac generators and their accessories in Saluda. You can get all the Generac power products, including Portable Generators, Home Standby Generators, Business Standby Generators, and Industrial Generators. Our generators are also commonplace around construction sites. All our services are backed with a warranty, and we only use genuine Generac parts for repairs.

We have a huge inventory of generators to choose from. It can be overwhelming for someone not experienced with generators. So we have experts who will examine your needs and suggest you a perfect generator. The generator we pick for you will automatically start when there is a power outage and be within your budget. If you call us, we can happily help you find what you are looking for.

Why install a Generac Backup Generator?

Generac Generators are time-tested and proven to be the most reliable generators in the market today. These are made with high-grade materials and with excellent craftsmanship. Generac is the Leading manufacturer of Backup generators, transfer switches, and high-quality generator accessories. Generac generators operate with natural gas or propane, diesel, biofuel to Run any application at your home or business. It allows you to power your TV, Refrigerators, lighting, HVAC units, Medical equipment, and more.

They are priced starting from around $1500. Call us to know more about the prices and what generators suit your setting.

The automatic transfer switch function in Generac generators allows the generator to switch from mains to backup power instantly during a power cut. Once the power is back, the generator shuts down automatically.

Generic generators are manufactured in the USA and are suitable for all kinds of weather. You can use these to run any kind of appliance at your home or office. These generators ensure to keep your TV, computers, kitchen appliances running on cold nights and hot summers.

The Portable design of Generac generators fits into small places, just like an air conditioning unit. You can install and simply forget as these generators directly supply power to your home whenever there is no power.

Generac generators come in different models with increasing Kw ratings. Whether you are looking for power for a family home, business, or industrial use, the Generator lineup from Generac has the most suitable generator for your needs. Allow us to find you a perfect generator and install it at your place. Contact us to know more.

Why trust us for generators in Saluda?

  • Becker Electric is the largest Generac generator dealer in Saluda with almost 40 years of experience.
  • Our trained technicians help you choose the right product for your budget and power needs.
  • Becker Electric provides in-house financing options for all Generac products to make your purchase easy and affordable.
  • We send trained technicians for the free onsite analysis.
  • We coordinate with a team of trained electricians and plumbers to install your generator right.
  • All our product packages are backed with warranty and maintenance plans.

How Becker Electric Team Works to Install your Generator?

  1. A licensed electrician will inspect and install a transfer switch at your place
  2. Next, we transfer generator from our office to your place
  3. After placing the generator, our technicians will connect the generator to the main electric lines through the transfer switch.
  4. The pipefitter will connect the generator to the fuel pipeline. This avoids the need for external refilling.
  5. Once the electrical and fuel setup is completed, the operator starts the generator to check its working. And there you go. It’s all set and ready for use.

Generator Maintenance in Saluda

Having a backup generator in good condition is highly valuable. It ensures you have a backup source to protect your home lifestyle or carry out business activities. Becker Electric provides a properly planned preventive maintenance program that keeps your generator in working condition at all times. Our scheduled maintenance programs and ensure that your power equipment gets continuous power even when major disaster strikes and the whole locality goes out of power.

System maintenance work increases the reliability of your generator. When the generator is inspected and tested on a regular schedule, it performs at its peak efficiency and does not break down often. Our factory-trained and skilled technicians are qualified to perform maintenance and repair on all types of Generac generators. This will ultimately help you will reduce your repair cost and prevent downtime. Call us today and receive an assessment of your generator and get a quote.