Generators Columbus

Performance Measured, Client Guided, Self Driven

We have teamed up with the leading generator maker Generac to offer all types of generators for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. We serve the whole Columbus community by offering generators of different kinds and their related services. With a state-of-the-art showroom/ inventory, we store and deploy modern generators that mark the latest innovations that have gone in the generator industry.

With the generator we provide, you can forget about the hassles caused by not having backup power. We are the leading generator agents who supply you with natural gas and diesel generator units for your home or business. These generators are known to offer continuous steam of power backup for demanding electrical applications

Generac Generators to Keep You Running

While selecting a generator, it is common to face a problem with selecting a particular type. If you are not sure where to start, we can discuss options. To start with, you have to know the amount of power backup you need during a power outage. Also, you have to know for how long you need the backup. This involves measuring the total power output of your applications and running time. Our experts can analyze your power needs and provide you with a quote consisting of the right type of generator, its price, setup cost, and other details. We specialize in Generac generators, which come in many different types. All the generators we offer come with a warranty for repairs and maintenance.
Becker Electric deals with

  • Home standby generators
  • Portable Generators
  • Business Generators
  • Industrial Generators

We also provide generator transfer switches and other generator parts and accessories. Most of the generators we offer are propane or gas-fueled. These operate quietly and generate the least amount of exhaust. It is easy to maintain them and rarely develops serious generator problems.

Moreover, a part of a commitment is to offer you the best knowledgeable service technicians to set up the generator and take care of the maintenance and repair problems. Our generator service department in Columbus gives you a generator to match the exact requirements of your facility. Our goal is to keep your generator ready whenever there is a need for standby power.

Automatic Standby Generators

Generac generators start within seconds. Whenever the utility power is lost due to a storm, equipment, or grid failure, the generator automatically starts and replaces the power source. They detect power loss and start immediately to restore your home’s power and keep continuously operating until the main power source returns and then go back to standby mode.

How we work

Upon your request, we will offer you a generator consultation. The consultation will involve presenting you with different solutions for your home or commercial purposes. Our consultant will take detailed measurements of your power requirements and finalize the type of generator you will need. Our dealers will assist you with the whole buying process and ensure that you have satisfactory service from us.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a generator will depend upon its type, KW rating, and the type of fuel on which it works. Additional installation costs we charge are substantially less compared to other generator providers in Columbus. We will provide you an accurate quote after we do a full site survey. You will know about all the costs beforehand, and if you have any queries on specific charges, we are happy to break them down for you.

Benefits of Buying a Generator from Us

Once you know about various benefits that we can offer you, you will be highlighted why we are the best choice for installing any type of generator in Columbus.


Having a Generac generator at your home keeps your cameras, motion detectors, and other equipment working when the main power source has gone. This prevents opportunistic thieves and wild animals from coming into your property when there is no illumination outside.


No one likes to live without power. Generators will keep your electronics and internet running when there is a lack of power. It will relieve you of the major inconvenience and give you peace of mind. Also, as we cover maintenance and repair, you can rely on one place for all your generator needs.


You are losing money when your business place doesn’t have power. So you are protecting your profitability by installing the most powerful and reliable backup generator from us.

Peace of mind

Knowing that you have a backup resource that will automatically turn on when there is no power makes you feel safe and secure. You are supported by a generator on standby at all times.

Are you ready to get the best generator for home or business?

Let Becker Electric service you the perfect generator that will serve you during emergencies. We not only just hand over a generator, but we also promise to do our part with installation, maintenance, and performing repairs. As we are knowledgeable of all types of Generac generators, we will be the right people to choose for this. Contact us. We can come and assist anywhere in Columbus.