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Are you looking for a best generator provider in Polk? We can help.

Get a generator installed and have scheduled maintenance to keep it in good working order.
Generac generators are well known for protecting Polk homes and businesses from power disruptions and providing comfort during a power outage.

We ensure your generator is set up at the right place and tuned up perfectly. It’ll automatically take over when there’s no power and help you normally live at home and keep your business operational 24/7.

New Generator Installation in Polk

You can pick from a wide range of Generac generators that we have on our site. Generac generators have long been used to meet big and small-scale power needs during power outages. These Generators function in all weather situations and require minimal maintenance and repair.

The power requirements of a home or business might vary depending on the type of equipment utilized and the number of active hours. We can examine all of this and supply you with the best generator that will meet all of your power needs. Upon buying a generator, we will take care of the further steps by ourselves. This involves finding a perfect place to set up the generator, installing it, and connecting it to the power lines. Each of these processes requires specific expertise for which our technicians are well trained and skilled. You can rely on us to successfully install a generator from the ground up and give you a fully operational generator setup.

Maintaining Your Generac Generator in Polk

All Generac generators come with detailed manufacturer manuals. These manuals show you how maintenance should be done to keep the generators in the best condition. But as a homeowner or business owner, it is difficult to carry out all the maintenance tasks by yourself. Also, you need the expertise and time to service your generator.

Our generator maintenance and service plan is the best way to keep your Generac generator ready and working when the power goes out in Polk, NC. Our maintenance plan is customized depending on the age, Kw, and size of your generator.

During our maintenance, we check and service various components of your generator. We ensure that your generator is properly lubricated, the battery is charged to start the engine, and much more.

Our maintenance work covers all these generator components.


Your battery is the only thing that can start your generator. But batteries lose power over time. We check the batteries, clean their connectors and ensure that the battery charging circuit is intact.

Oil Change

Oil gives viscosity to your generator parts. When these parts lose the oil in them over time, they can get heated. We ensure that all the parts of a generator are well oiled and have the necessary lubrication to work smoothly. We also check the oil filter of the generator and see if there are particles and dirt clogged. Our experts will dispose of the used oil, add new oil and change the oil filter if needed

Air Filter

Air filters are responsible for stopping airborne particles from entering the generator and providing it with fresh, clean air for combustion. On every maintenance visit, we remove the old filter and install a new one.

Spark Plugs

Deposits on spark plugs can stop fuel/air mixture ignition. Our maintenance technicians will clean the residue and install a new spark plug.

Engine Tune-up

To make sure your generator works at peak efficiency, we check engine compression and make valve adjustments to make your generator run at maximum performance.

Cooling & Venting

Every fuel-based generator produces heat, and it should be diffused to keep the engine parts in good condition. Regardless of whether your generator is liquid-cooled or air-cooled, we have our specific maintenance plans that can help you.


We Inspect your generator and remove carbon deposits, clean dust, and other residues formed during operation.

We also do all the repairs and replacements for Generac generators in Polk. Our experts manually detect common generator faults and provide them quick and long-lasting fixes. You can call us anytime when your generator doesn’t work. We will come and assist you in getting it back in condition. We have helped hundreds of Polk residents over the years to fix and upgrade generators.

Our generator services are the best choice when measured in terms of cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and quality of work. The generator service and maintenance plans we offer are customized and meet all the specific requirements that your home or business might have in Polk. Our goal is to make sure you are powered and in operation all the time. Whether you want to pick a new generator, install, repair, or do regular maintenance, we are here for you. Our generator work really makes a positive impact on reliably powering your place. You will quickly notice this in your ROI as we help your business stay alive and profitable at all times.