Generator Service

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Never go powerless - A backup generator keeps you going.

Generators help a great deal to overcome power outages and keep your lighting and equipment running at 100%.

Power outages can occur at any time due to bad weather or grid failure. Thankfully, Generators are now evolved enough to meet all of your electrical needs in the event of an emergency.

We at Becker Electric sell and install all types of generators and provide top-quality service to our customers. Our professionals will assist you in keeping your generator in top condition so that it will start working for you when you need it the most. If your facility doesn’t have a generator set up, we can help you find the right generator type. We will assess your power wattage needs and recommend the best generators for long hours to fulfill all the power needs.

We have experts who are well equipped and have all the knowledge necessary to maintain Generac generators. We can assist you with everything from portable service generators for small businesses to larger generators for industrial sites.

Generac Generator Service in NC

Generac generators are the most reliable and robust backup power equipment available. With proper care and consistent maintenance, they will last for several years. Any Generac generator usually requires minimal repair as it is designed to work in the most demanding environment.

We at becker electric offer all types of Generac generator services. Our generator services include new generator installation, cleaning the air filters, routinely checking fuel tanks, fuel lines, control boards, mechanical and electrical parts of your generator. When it’s time to service your generator, we are the most dependable experts to fulfill your needs. Our costs are reasonable, and we use the most effective ways to keep your generator in the best condition. Contact us, and we will be there at your place to offer any type of generator service you need.

Offering Installation Service for All Types of Generac Generators

We install Generac generators of all sizes, including home standby, commercial standby, and portable generators. Our installation service includes transporting generators and setting them up at your location.

Experts will handle all of the work involved in the process. Our professional generator technicians are well versed in all the steps involved in the installation process. We install generators quickly and in a cost-effective way.

We will examine your business location and choose a perfect place for generator installation.

Our experts will find a place that is stable and does not pool water. The space around the generator will have enough room for future maintenance and repairs. We also keep in mind the community restrictions and homeowners association laws in your area. The location we choose will be such that it won’t affect your business’s building aesthetics and operations.

Once we find the place, we will create a concrete slab for the generator setup. It will prevent moisture infiltration and direct contact with the dirt. In the further steps, we will connect fuel and electrical lines, install a transfer switch, and check for outage simulation to ensure the correct voltage and current pass through the power lines. In the end, we hand over you a complete generator setup that you can rely on 24/7.

Emergency Generator Repairs

Our technicians respond to calls from Polk, Columbus, Tryon, and other places requesting emergency repairs for generators. We are centrally located and are able to respond quickly to all requests. Our experienced repair technicians can get your generator back in operation quickly. Call us at 828-348-0977 if your generator is experiencing any type of problem.

Generator Service for North Carolina Homes

Portable Generac home generators are a favorite choice among homeowners for backup power sources. These generators running on propane or natural gas resemble an air conditioning unit. They provide all the power your home equipment needs to run during an emergency. Give you peace of mind and help you live a normal life during power outages.

Becker electric services a wide range of portable generators with different KW ratings and configurations. We have different Powerpact, Guardian, and Ecogen models that are compact, powerful, and come with various advanced technology features.

To know the right type of generator for your home We will analyze your home equipment power requirements and suggest you the most suitable generator for your home. The generator services we offer have helped hundreds of homes in Columbus, Polka, and Saluda communities and neighborhoods. Our goal is to give you a perfect generator set up around your home that will be ready and available to cover your power needs.